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with的用法请问一下with的用法有哪些with的用法如下:1、表示使用工具、手段等,意为“用……”。例如:We can walk with our legs and

with表伴随6种用法是什么?具体用法如下:1、with+宾语+形容词 He often sleeps with the windows open。他常开着窗睡觉。2、

介词with用法详解-百度经验4.比较with和as:两者均可表示“随着”,但前者是介词,后接名词或代词;后者是连词,用于引导一个句子。比较:He will improve as he grows

求with的复合结构6个超简单的例句!1、They muffled up her head with a blanket.他们用毯子蒙住了她的头。2、The risk of severe

with结构的几种用法He stood before his teacher with his head down. 他低着头站在老师面前。He was lying on the

with的用法3with有表示方式的用法:eg:write with pen;cut with knife等 4.with最常用的句式:with+宾语+宾补(宾补可用形容词,动词ing

with的用法是怎样的?5、with可以用来表示虚拟语气,意思是“如果,假如”。用于诗歌或民谣的副歌、叠句中, with常无实际含义。6、在with的前面加away,down等词时,可作为不用动词

with的六种用法例句 表示方式、手段或工具等时(=以,用),如:with a car 用卡车2. 与某些抽象名词

with 的用法例句:pleased with her gift喜欢她的礼物6.比较而言;与…相比较:例句:having equal standing with the others与其他人地位(或身份)相同7.

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