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turn的用法归纳如下:I.turn (n.) 顺序,轮流 1.It's one's turn to do sth.轮到某人做某事 It's your turn to make a decision.2.take one's turn to do sth.= do sth.in turn =do sth.by

系动词turn后面多接表示颜色的形容词作表语,也可以接表示天气的形容词作表语.意思上侧重于“变得与以前完全不同”. e.g . The man turned blue with fear. 那个男人因害怕而脸发青. The weather suddenly turned much colder . 天气突然变得

一、 turn = become 用作连系动词. 例如: In autumn the leaves turn yellow. 秋天树叶变黄. 二、 turn up表示"出现"及由turn构成的词组. 例如:1. I expect the missing watch will turn up one day. 我希望那块丢失的手表哪一天会出现. 2. Don't

turn vt.转, 转动, 旋转turn a wheel 转动轮子The wheel of history cannot be turned back. 历史的车轮不能倒转.She turned the key in the lock. 她用钥匙开锁.翻, 翻转, 倒转, 倒置, 翻新(衣服等)turn a page 翻一页turn a phonograph record

1. turn about 转身,向后转 The colonel ordered the troops to turn about. 上校命令部队向后转. 2. turn against 转而反对,与……反目 They tried to turn the students against their teachers. 他们设法让学生起来反对老师. 3. turn (a)round (1)转身,调

turn on打开 开启 turn off关掉 turn down调小 turn to求助于 turn over翻转 turn against sb/sth转而讨厌、反对某人某事 turn out to be 最后结果,最终成为 turn into sth使变成 turn in 交还,交回 turn back 掉转头 turn away 不让进入 turn sth around 完成,提供,生产 应该差不多就这些

turn英 [tn] 美 [tn] vt. 转动,使旋转;转弯;翻过来;兑换vi. 转向;转变;转动n. 转弯;变化n. (Turn)人名;(德、匈)图恩习惯用语 a hand's turn 举手之劳,一臂之力; 一点工作 a turn of fortune's wheel 命运的转变 About turn! (=Right

同学你好, turn的用法归纳如下: i. turn (n.) 顺序, 轮流 1. it's one's turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 it's your turn to make a decision. 2. take one's turn to do sth. = do sth. in turn =do sth. by turns轮流做某事 the nurses attended the patient in turn / by

turn的音标是英 [t:n] 美 [trn] .turn v.使转动; 旋转; 转身; 翻转 n.转动; 转向; 转弯处; 转变 扩展资料1.For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn? 我们活着是为了什么?不就是给邻居当笑柄

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