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though是动词think的过去式 thought表示虽然,一般当关联词

英文thought的意思是思想,想法,关心,思索,认为,以为.基本解释 thought 英 [θ:t] 美 [θt] n. 思想;想法;关心;思索 v. 认为;以为;想( think的过去式和过去分词);思索 复数: thoughts 例句1.The thought of Nick made her throat

thought英[θ:t]美[θt]n.思想; 想法; 关心; 思索v.认为; 以为; 想( think的过去式和过去分词); 思索网络思维; 思惟例句 1 In social politics, too, the city's contribution to 20th century thought and culture was no less portentous. 同样从社会

thought[WC:t]n.思考, 想法, 思想, 思潮, 关心, 关怀, 挂念vbl.think的过去式和过去分词thoughtthoughtAHD:[tht] D.J.[G%8t]K.K.[G%t]v.(动词)Past tense and past participle of think think的过去式和过去分词n.(名词)The act or process

thought【词典解释】thought1(think的过去式和过去分词)thought2名词 n. 1.思维;思考,考虑[U]After serious thought, he decided to accept their terms. 经认真考虑,他决定接受他们的条件. 2.想法;见解[C][(+of/about/on)]Please write and let me

一、Thinking n.[U] 没有复数形式. 1. 思想,思考,考虑 例句: I have to do some thinking before making a decision.我得先思考一下,然后才好作决定.2. 意见,想法,观点;意见;见解;看法 例句:To my thinking, this is not a good idea.我认

thought [英][θ:t] [美][θt] n.思想;想法;关心;思索 v.想( think的过去式和过去分词);思索;以为;认为 复数:thoughts think [英][θik] [美][θk] vt.想;思索;以为;看待 vi.思辩;考虑;构想;回忆 adj.深思的;供思考的 n.想;想法 现在分词:thinking 过去式:thought 第三人称单数:thinks 过去分词:thought

thought [θt] [词典释义](think的过去式和过去分词) [网络释义]1.想法 2.成系统的思想 3.思考 4.观念


thought bai英 [θt] 美 [θt] n.思想;想法;du意向;思念;zhi观念;打算;关dao心;顾虑v.想,思考,考虑(动词回think的过去式和过去分答词)

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