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pear 英[pe(r)] 美[pr] n. 梨(树);梨树 名词复数:pears [例句]Just one pear packs 15 % of your daily recommended amount of fiber.仅仅一个梨就含有你日常所需纤维的15%.

[英][pe(r)][美][pr] n.梨(树);梨树 名词复数:pears [例句]Just one pear packs 15% of your daily recommended amount of fiber. 仅仅一个梨就含有你日常所需纤维的15%.

你好,pears 翻译成中文是:梨 希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

pear[英][p] [美][pr] n.梨(树);梨树 复数:pears;好评哦哦

pear 英[pe(r)]美[pr]n. 梨(树);梨树名词复数:pears

mangoes 名词 芒果(mango的复数形式) pandas 名词 熊猫( panda的名词复数 ) pears 名词 梨(树)( pear的名词复数 ) balls 名词 球( ball的名词复数 )

pears 英 [pz] n.梨(树)( pear的名词复数 ) [例句] Poach the pears in apple juice for perhaps ten minutes at most.把梨放入苹果汁中,最多煮10分钟左右.


是的 pears n. 梨(树)( pear的名词复数 ); [例句]These pears are sweet and crisp.这种梨又甜又脆.

pearsn. 梨(树)( pear的名词复数 );[例句]The trees in your garden may have covered the ground with apples, pears or plums你花园里的果树也许已经落了一地的苹果、梨或李子.

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