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norms 英[n:ms]美[n:ms]n. 规范; 准则; 标准( norm的名词复数 ); 行为模式;[例句]Everybody has a share in fulfiling the various norms and the overall tasks of the enterprise.人人身上有指标,全厂任务大家挑.[其他] 原型: norm

norm 英[n:m] 美[n:rm] n. 规范; 标准; 准则; (劳动) 定额; [例句]Faction and self-interest appear to be the norm.派系之争和自私自利看来非常普遍.[其他] 复数:norms

ethical norms伦理规范 道德准则双语例句1Then the study of the ethical norms in the process of translatingbecame significant.这时对于翻译中道德准则和行为规范,也就是翻译伦理的研究,就显得尤为重要.2Israel, the occupying Power, is wantonly violating all international lawsand ethical norms.占领国以色列肆意违反所有各项国际法和道德准则.

>> norms=randn(3,5)% 建立一个随机矩阵norms = -0.43256481152822 0.28767642035855 1.18916420165210 0.17463914282092 -0.58831654301419 -1.66558437823810 -1.14647135068146 -0.03763327659332 -0.18670857768144 2.

responsible leadership负责任的领导Forging new international consensus on the norms of responsible leadership andencouraging exchange of knowledge that draws on the experience of middle-income countries. 就负责任的领导的标准建立共识

hierarchy of effect层次结构的影响双语例句1Model of Fuzzy Hierarchy Analysis Process for Comprehensive Evaluation of Blasting Effect 爆破效果综合评价的模糊层次分析法模型2At the same time, a different hierarchy of legal norms or legal norms

gender norms---准确的说法应该是“后天性别准则”gender跟sex不同,它更强调人类在后天社会环境下培养成的“性别”,比如说“人妖”“gay”“lesbian”所以全句应该译为:“后天性别判定准则和预估会对犯罪行为和受害经历的类型造成不同影响“pattern意思很多,这里取“类型,方式”的意思即可

Living in a foreign country is a start of new life.In order to make yourself comfortable the local people so that you can get used to the norms as soon as possible.Third,you

Norms are the agreed-upon expectations and rules by which a culture guides the behavior of its members in any given situation.Of course,norms vary widely across cultural groups.Americans,for instance,maintain fairly direct eye contact when

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