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mean to do sth:故意做某事,打算做某事mean doing sth 意味着做某事. mean做打算的时候,是to do sth,相当于intend to do mean作为意思,意味的动词时.要用mean sth或mean doing sth

mean business[口]当真 mean diameter平均直径;中径;二次平均直径 mean effective pressure平均有效压力 mean error平均误差 mean life平均寿命;平均使用年限 mean square均方;均方差;均方值 mean square deviation均方离差;标准差

1.both ends两端both her parents她的父母双方both of them他们俩都…both production and marketing thrive产销两旺Both Side of Love男左女右(歌曲名)both sides两舷,两边;两方面both sides welding双面焊接both to blame collision clause双

①mean doing sth 意味着做某事 eg:Missing the train means waiting for an hour. 错过这趟火车,意味着再等一个小时.②mean to do sth意欲做某事(=want to do sth) ③ You are joking! 你是开玩笑吧! No,I mean it. 不,我是认真的.

mean to do 打算、企图做某事mean doing sth 意思是、意味着做某事be mean to 对……吝啬(mean是形容词,吝啬的,卑鄙的)

It is means doing homework

mean to do打算做某事 meandoing意味着(做某事)

你好!be mean to sb.(sth.) 如有疑问,请追问.

常见的用法: 1 动词 mean doing 意味着 mean to do打算做某事 2 means 名词 方式方法 是单复数同行的词 a means is taken.\ two means are taken 3 meaning 名词,意思,what is your meaning?

dream做动词,dream of/ dream about sth, 梦见 做名词,梦.i had a dream last night

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