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翻译know[美] [no] [英] [n??u] 及物动词精通(语言等)He knows five languages. 他精通五种语言.(仅用于过去时和完成时)见到过,听到过[O2][O3]I have never known him to lie. 我从没有听说过他撒谎.体验,经历I have known hunger

know是动词原形,knew是过去式know1. vt. & vi. 知道,懂得 have sth in one's mind or memory as a result of experience or learning or information2. vt. & vi. 认识,了解,熟悉 be acquainted with; be familiar withknew1. v. 了解;知道;认识(动词know的过去式)They knew full well that he wouldn't keep his promise.

know 英[n] 美[no] v. 知道; 了解; 认识; 确信; n. 知情; [例句]I don't know the name of the place 我不知道那个地方的名字.[其他] 第三人称单数:knows 现在分词:knowing 过去式:knew过去分词:known

know[英][n][美][no]vt.& vi.知道; 看到过; 听到过; 经历过; vt.认识; 确信; 认识到; 能认出; n.〈口〉知晓,知情; vi.拥有知识、理解力或信息; 知道,明白; 第三人称单数:knows过去分词:known现在进行时:knowing过去式:knew

及物动词 vt. [W]1. 知道;了解;懂得[O2][+(that)][+wh-]I knew she was against us. 我知道她反对我们. 2. 认识;熟悉We have known each other for many years. 我们相互认识多年了. 3. 认出;辨别[(+by/from)]I know right from wrong. 我能辨别

know是动词,后面不能接动词.know的常用词组有:know of sth.知道某事,know about sth.了解某事.注意:know of 仅限于知道,而know about 指了解很多,很透彻 记得采纳~ 刚刚忘了登陆了,所以成匿名的了~

knew 是know 的过去式翻译过来当然是一样的

be known as 以知名; 被认为是; 称为 be known for 因而著名 be known to 为所知 当be known as被翻译成“以知名”时, 和 be known for的意思是一样的,用法上没有区别.只有当be known as被翻译成“被认为是; 称为 ”和be known for的意思有区别.造句: China is known as the Great Wall. 中国以长城而知名.Paris is known for the Eiffel Tower.巴黎因埃菲尔铁塔而著名.Chicago is known as 'the windy city' 芝加哥被称为风之城.

vt. & vi. 1.知道, 懂得, 知悉, 了解 2.看到过;听到过;经历过 vt. 1.认识, 了解, 熟悉 2.认识到;懂得;意识到 3.确信;确知;肯定 4.把…看作是;认为…是 5.将…称为;把…叫做 6.能认出;能辨认出 7.能区分;能分辨 8.学会;掌握 9.亲身体验;亲身经历 n. 1.习语 in the know: 知情;熟悉内幕;掌握内情

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