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decide指 做出一定的选择;强调经过考虑或商议 eg:he decided to go monday. decide和make up one's mind 有区别 makemind指 打定主意;与迟疑,动摇,困惑相对.即毫不犹豫,下定决心. decide指 做出一定的选择;强调经过考

1、计划;打算;想要 (1)接不定式:I fully intended to pay for the damage.(2)接现在分词:I don't intend staying long.(3)接名词:The company intends a slow-down in expansion.(4)接that从句:It is intended that production will start at the end of the month.2、意指,相当于 mean What did you intend by that remark? 你那句话想说什么?He intended it as a joke. 他只想开个玩笑.

be going to 意为:将要,打算,是一般将来时intend 意为:打算

intend [in5tend] vt. (1) 想要, 打算; 企图 (2) 设计; 计划 (3) 意指, 意思是 intend a child for a doctor 打算让孩子以后行医 he intends no harm. 他没有恶意. i intend to go home. 我想回家. the book is intended for beginners. 本书是为初

intend to:打算 mean to:打算,但是可能办不成 want to:想要 plan to:计划(做某某事)

intend是打算的意思,只是打算.而plan是已经有计划,计划好了的.mean一般是无意造成的效果.我一般稀里糊涂的做了什么好事以后,都会笑一笑说,I meant that.例如:I intend to go home this summer. 这个暑假我想要回家.I planned to visit my mom tomorrow. 我计划好了明天去看我妈妈.Do you mean to go without money? 你想身无分文就走吗?

intendv.(动词)in.tend.ed, in.tend.ing, in.tendsv.tr.(及物动词)To have in mind; plan:意欲;计划:We intend to go. They intend going. You intended that she go.我们打算去,他们要去你计划让她去 展开 作业帮用户 2016-12-07 举报

intend是一个非延续性动词,不能和表示一段时间的状语连用.其具体用法可以记住以下基本句型:be intended doing /to (do) 意思是使; 是用来be intended to be 规定为, 确定为it is intended that (接宾语从句)企图, 意图是intend for 打算供

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