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give away v.送掉, 分发, 放弃, 泄露, 出卖, 让步, 陷下 give back v.归还, 恢复, 后退, 反射(声、光等) give air to v.发表 give anxiety to 使担心 give battle v.挑战 give care 留意, 用心 give for 1.牺牲2.交换 give ground v.退却, 让步,

give是个很活跃的词,搭配很多: give oneself (为)献身 give up 放弃;交出 give out 分发,发出;公布,发表;用尽,精疲力竭 give full play to 充分发挥 give in v. 屈服;让步;交上 give aid to 给…予帮助 give or take 增减……而无大变化

1,常用的词组 give away 送掉, 分发 give back 归还, 恢复 give for 牺牲,交换 give in 投降, 屈服,give into 通向 give off 发出(蒸汽、光等),长出(枝、杈等) give on (门、窗等)向着2,基本用法:give sb sth 和 give sth to sb

give sth to sb 给某人某物 give up 放弃 give in 屈服,让步 give out 分发 give-and-taken 互让,妥协,交换 give away v.送掉,分发,放弃,泄露,出卖,让步,陷下 give back v.归还,恢复,后退,反射(声、光等) give air to v.发表 give anxiety

原发布者:沫汐苡 givev. [gv] (gives;gave,given;giving) 双解释义vt.&vi. 1.给予,赠送,授予 causeapersontohave,receive;handovertosbwithoutpaymentorexchangevt. 2.供给,提供 provideorsupplyvt. 3.交给,托付 causesbtohave;

1. to give sb sth:给予某人某物;把某物赠予某人 例:My dad gave me a mobile phone for Christmas. 我爸爸送给我一个手机作为圣诞礼物. 2.to give sth to sb:把…捐赠给某人 3.to give sth to sb;to give sb sth:把某物转让给某人 4.to give sth to

give 是能接双宾语的动词.即give sb sth / give sth to sb加介词to:侧重动作的方向,表示“朝着、向着、对着某人”的意思.这类双宾语动词有:give(给), pass(传递), sell(卖), send(送), show(出示), read(读), tell(告诉), hand(递), bring(带来), throw(扔), lend(借), offer(提供)等.

你好~ 本题答案选A. 理由为:[it]为代词,指代某种事物,而give后面只能加[人物]或者[名词] 如果单单是give的用法的确两种都可以,但是如果遇上代词[it]或者[them]时只能用 give sth to sb. give的用法和cut/put等相同.

give意思是:给予,赠送,作出供给,产生,举办,(为购买某物或做某事而)支付,(物体)塌下,让步伸展性,弹性.其用法如下:1、~ sth to sb | ~ sb sth给;交给 to hand sth to sb so that they can look at it, use it or keep it for a time[VN ,

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