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DAy lovE night唱到人

day love night 天爱夜

你好!day and night希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

应该是辉星的《night and day》,mv的男主角不是他本人是TEEN TOP成员C.A.P.

《Love With Your Life》歌曲原唱:Hollyn 填 词:Hollyn 谱 曲:Hollyn There's only so much you can say 你欲言又止 Til' words turn into noise 直至话语转为嘈杂 Yeah we go round and round again 我们虽四处闲逛 But people we were meant to

如果你要离开 不管什麽时候都可以 希望今晚你能回来 即使你随心所欲地去寻找幸福 你依然是我真正的ONE NIGHT LOVER 寻找机会走进我 有时候真想跟别人谈情说爱 这正是我们的人生 但愿保守自己的秘密 现在正是相爱的好季节 如果她给我

Everyday 歌手Def LeppardI gave in when you gave outYou showed me the way to love, there ain't no doubtAlways together and never apartDisappeared, didn't say a wordI slept right through, guess I never heardNow I'm awake but I wish I was

Can I need you forever? 我能永远需要你吗? Can I keep you close to me Day & Night? 我能日夜都让你陪在我身边吗? Too much of a good thing 再多美好的事物 Could just never be enough 也不能够满足我 And it brings you down. 它将你打败

应该是Anyband - Talk Play Love

这首歌的歌名是《Waiting for Love》,歌手是Avicii.歌名:Waiting for Love 歌手:Avicii 歌词:Where there's a will, there's a way, kind a beautiful 有志者事竟成,多么美好的事情世界 And every night has its day, so magical 黑夜过去就是黎明,

歌曲 "Side By Side" 歌词 歌手/乐队: Whitmore Can I take a minute of your timeTo reason and question you why?To a breath and think about what you do'cause you know that the stakes are so highThese are real fucking people with problems

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