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Nowadays,it is fashionable to eat healthy food,such as organically-grown food,and do exercises to keep healthy.In brief,people are trying to live a healthy life.But what should

Dear Freddy: Long time no see you! I guess that you have no idear that Justin bieber will be my city next month.I am so excited! As you know ,Justin bieber is very famous as


【满分作文】 Dear Terry How are you doing? Learning that you are about to pay a visit to a Chinese friend and confused about the Chinese customs, I am writing to put forward some advice. Firstly, I would 1ike to suggest that you arrive 5 to 10

in recent days, a discussion is being carried on about whether we should be grouped as either someone pursuing liberal arts or science in grade one.some of us prefer the

作文:1. 五个档次给分.2.根据内容和语法确定所属档次,然后按档次要求衡量确定或调整,最后给分.3.少于80或大于120字,总分减2分.4.注意的内容为:要点,词汇语法结构的数量,准确性及上下文的连贯性.5.拼写与标点视其影响程度

Nowadays it is common that more and more students will go abroad for their further study . Some even has given up their entrance examination. Of course ,studying abroad


其实多背一些句型就可以了,往里套,百用百灵. 开头: When it comes to , some think There is a public debate today that A is a common way of , but is it a wise one? Recently the problem has been brought into focus. 提出观点: Now

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