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周末周末,就是周week 和末尾 end 的合成词 , week + end = weekend,读的时候可以先读week [wi:k],再读end [end],连读就在k 和e的地方连拼读,音标['wi:k'end] .

在周末 英文可以是,at the weekend 例句 可供选择的电视节目,尤其是在周末的时候,还有大幅提升的空间.The selection of TV programmes, especially at the weekend, leaves a lot to be desired


at weekends (=<美>on weekends)在周末1. I often go to visit my aunt at weekends. 我常在周末去看望我姑母. 2. He likes to watch farces at weekends to relax himself. 他喜欢在周末看滑稽剧来放松自己. 3. I will be at liberty only at weekends.

周末的英语 是 weekend 请采纳谢谢

上个周末 用英文说,就是 last weekend last 作为【形容词】,意思是“最近的”或者“最后的” weekend 作为 【名词】 意思是“周末” 连在一起就是 last weekend 上周末

what do you usually do on weekends?重点词汇 weekend 英 [wiknd] 美 [wikend] n. 周末,周末休假;周末聚会 adj. 周末的,周末用的 vi. 度周末 短语 Weekend Night 周末夜 ; 周末晚上 ; 周末之夜 ; 在周末晚上 Weekend Effect 周末效

我的周末 My weekend I make a very happy this weekend, I'm glad, Saturday morning, I slept a Lanjue, ten points over time to get up, I went to KFC to eat hamburgers and French fries. In the afternoon, I went to the movies my friends and playing

weekend 望采纳

The weekend is coming.I will have a happy weekend.On Saturday morning,I'm going to do my homework.And then,I'm going out to play.I'm going to the bookstore and

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