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The importance of English

你好!重要性 importance 英[mp:tns] 美[mp:rtns] n. 重要性; 重要地位,显著; 骄傲,自大; [例句]We have always stressed the importance of economic reform 我们一向强调经济改革的重要性.

优质解答 英语的重要性 英语的重要性在于,它被世界上大多数国家作为语言交流的工具.例如一个德国人和一个中国人彼此都不会讲对方的语言,但他们都懂英语,于是他们之间的语言交流就不成问题.我们每个人都能够认识它的重要性,都能够

The Importance of English Nowadays, with the prevalence of learning English, more and more peoplerealize the importance of Engilsh. English is not our mother language, but it'svery important for us to learn it. The reasons are as follow.如今,随

English is important in today's word.there are some exaples for it.first,English is widely used throughout the world.so it is a universal language in the global.that is why so many

The Importance of English As the deepening of globalization, English is increasingly important, especially for those who communicate with foreigners. For one thing, English is an essential tool to know the outside world. Nowadays, most information


good .every body!today I will talk something about the importance of the English.English is one of the most common languages that are speaking in the world.According to the


您好:正确的答案:the importance of祝你学习进步,更上一层楼~若此题有疑问敬请追问,若有其他题目欢迎向我求助,答题不易,谢谢~~对我的回答感到满意,请及时采纳为满意答案^_^【英语牛人团】为您解答

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