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I think reading is important in the whole life for people. There are many benefits of reading. Firstly, reading increases our knowledge and we can learn the world affairs without going out. Secondly, reading is a good way to improve reading and

1、People who read are more aware of their shortcomings. The more you read and learn,the more you feel that your knowledge is limited, and the more you feel that you have too many shortcomings.译文:读书的人更能知不足.读书越多,学的越

Speaking of reading, many people are excited because reading brings them both knowledge and entertainment. By reading, we can learn lots of information and know our history. But for some people, reading is not their priority. They will choose to

阅读有什么好处呢?第一阅读扩大知识量, 开阔视野, 了解世界.第二,阅读可以开动思维 思考问题的能力.第三,阅读可以提高人际交流能力, 让你知道的新闻、大事, 应付自如.第四,阅读还可以学到新知识,接受新事物 !.阅读原来

关于阅读的好处的英语作文1、When I'm free or in trouble, I always take out a book and read quietly. In no time, I've put my heart into it so that I'll forget all the troubles. It's in this way that I've formed the habit of reading in any time.Little boys as I was,

The books take us into the ocean of knowledge; book, with transport us tomysterious history; book, take us into the paradise of dream; the book is a useful to human nutrition; the book is the ladder of human progress.The benefits of reading books

1. study abroad2. have chances to make more friends3. have more job opportunities in this more and more competitive job market4. know the world from a different perspective5. widen horizons6. make it easier when traveling to other countries 作文的话,还是自己写吧,思路的话上面六点都可以拓展的, 干巴爹!

Reading is a very good habit. It can help you acquire a richer vocabulary. It can help open broaden your horizon by becoming aware of more things in the world, in addition to your immediate surroundings. Reading teaches you to make connections

People always say "Book is the ladder of progress". Because book contain a lot of knowledge, people can improve themselves by reading a lot of books. Also, read books can help people become more and more gentle. Many famous people

People have to spend so many years to go to school before they can be independent and earn money. We are told that reading books is good for us, but the fact is that we may find many bosses go to work in the early age and they don't read

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