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When are they gong out?他们时候出去When is your birthday?你的生日是什么时候When was he dong yesterday?他昨天在干什么When do you read book?你什么时候看书I was walking down the street,When I saw a accident当我在大街上走路的时候,我看见了一个事故.

The students were talking when the teacher came in When the bell rang,I was watching TV He was shopping when the UFO landed They were talking when someone came in Lucy was cooking when her mother got home

when: 1.you don't know the situation when i was so scared. 2.call me when you recieve the application. 3.marion had achieved a lot when she was only 13 years old. 4.he called upon me when i was doing the housework. 5.remember to turn to me for

when we arrived, the train had left.they were having fun dancing when two men entered.while you are in beijing, come and visit my family.while the weather was bad, they went on working .he looked back as he went back home.

I'd like to know when they'll let him out.我想知道他们什么时候放他.John got engaged to her when travelling last winter.去年冬天旅行时,约翰与她订了婚.Don't get excited when you talk.你说话时别激动.How

when i was a boy

1. 1.Annie was born a few weeks before Christmas. 安妮在圣诞节前几个礼拜出生.Before World War II, women were not recruited as intelligence officers. 二战前,女性不被征募为情报官.Stock prices have climbed close to the peak they'd

When do you get up every day?When did you get to school this morning?When did she go to the movie?When will you go to the concert?When does usually she have dinner

While I am watching TV,he comes in.我正看着电视,他进来了.While he is doing homework,I am playing.当他写作业时,我在玩.When I arrive at the stop,I saw my brother.当我到车站的时候,我看到了我的兄弟.When he was 10 years old,he dreamt of being a singer.当他10岁的时候,他梦想着成为歌手.When he heard the news,he laughed.当他听到这个消息,他笑了.

when强调动作的瞬间性与不可持续性,例如:the UFO landed飞碟着陆,这是一瞬间的动作,我以前的老师说:又不是卡带了,它在那反复登陆是有神经病啊 while用于持续性动作的“当时候”,例如:walking down the street在街上走,

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