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动词 The TV reporter is taking a photo for that rich man . I am taking a test for being a TV reporter.形容词 TV reporter is a interesting and taking work. 望采纳,同意一个就更好了蓝染曼

造句:I want to be a reporter.我想成为一名记者. 满意请采纳,谢谢.

记者 He is a reporter to that newspaper

答案是: I want to be a reporter when I am older 当我年龄大时,我想成为一名记者 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

report wait

wreck: [ rek ] n. 失事,残骸,破坏,健康受损的人 vt. 破坏,造成失事 [ 过去式wrecked 过去分词wrecked 现在分词wrecking 第三人称单数wrecks ] 例句与用法 1. have they found the wreck of the ship? 他们找到那艘船的残骸了吗? 2. the ship was wrecked on the rock. 船在岩石上撞毁了. 3. the train wrecked at midnight. 这列火车半夜出轨了.

1 we want to win 2 he is the reporter 3 I prepared well 4 I hate you 5 It seems fine 6 there's a glass of water 7 he looks out for sightview 9 he asked for food.

The plane is taking off.飞机正在起飞

我还真没见过sur不过可以试试:Please reporter the word sur the mobile

as a student ,i have to study hard .作为一个学生,我必须努力学习.my mouth is small .我的嘴巴小.children away like candy.孩子们总是喜欢糖.

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