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One of my favourite sports is swimming, because it is good for our health. I learned how to swim when I was only 5. My mom took me to swimming lesson. I still remember I was afraid of my coach. Now I am a good swimmer. I swim once a month in

I am good at playing basketball .Because i think it can make me strong and healthy .But i also have many problems.For exampie ,many people are very strong and good .I shoule work hard!

My speciality is playing basketball. Because i'm tall and strong, as well as talented. I usually play basketball with my friends and they all know how well I play.不算标点,刚好30字、、

Hllo,everyone.Do you want to learn about me? Ok, I can speak English and Chinese. And my English can speak very well. I also can sing some songs. My friends relally very like listening my songs. My favorite subject in school is PE. So I can

I am good at play basketball.Because it is very healthy for me.It can give me strong and funny.My father always play BASKETBALL with me at sunday.So i can play very good.I like paly basketball.翻译我擅长于打篮球因为它可以让我非常健康.他可以给我强壮的身体和乐趣.我爸爸经常在星期天陪我打篮球.所以我可以打的非常好.我爱打篮球

I'm a boy.my name is xxx.i like playing football best.i'm the best pupil in my class.i'm 在我的班级里我是一个最棒的男孩.我最棒的科目是英语.我最喜欢信息技术.因为它能在

My speciality Do you have any specialities? If not ,what do you do in the holidays ? I have many specialities .On weekdays ,when I study in school ,I play with my classmates .Sometimes I play volleyball with them,sometimes I play football with them .I

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Want to Change Your Life? We often complain that life is not after our own hearts .Living in the city, we are surrounded by noises, exhaust gas and so forth .To keep pace with the times, we have to live a busy and nervous life, face intense

I lo搜索ve to sing, love to dance, in the city's award-winning game. I want to run for literary committee. Singing can cultivate people's sentiments, dance can train a person's body. I would like to lead everyone to sing and dance together, this can

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