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i'm liping's teacher.i think liping has responsbility ,he thinks of matters carefullyand he works hard. he usually helps classmates ane others. on 12th 9,he saw a girl student's face pale,her body was weak when he was in the bus, he sent her to the hospital anf called her parents.her parents appreciated him a lot.

回答和翻译如下 :就业导师推荐信范文1尊敬的领导: 您好!今向贵单位推荐我系毕业生xx同学.该生是xxx学院计算机专业的一名应届毕业生.在此,我真诚地向您推荐该生.( 在思想品德方面,xx同学遵纪守法、热心关心和帮助他人,积极

Dear or Madam: The School Top Student Award for Rose.She is good at painting and swimming.She is so clever that she learns very quickly.She also study hard,and her marks are very high.She thinks things in many diffrent sides,she can plan

Notice I'mTom.InthisparkIlostmylovelyPuppy.It'swhite.Itlookssmall,shortandthin,withsmalleyes.Ithasshortcurlyhair.It'sjustoneyearsold.Ifanyoneseemydog,pleasecallmeortakeittomyhouse.MytelephoneisXXXXXXX.Ilivein72BridgeStreet.Thankyouforhelping.TomMay31,2009

Dear headmaster, I'm here recommanding Rose to be the best student in our school this year. She is good at drawing and swimming, and is quick to learn. She also work hard and is a top student in our class. When it comes to her individual

To:the principal, My name is Lucy. i am currently the class leader of the the six grade B class. i am writing this letter to you to convince you to give this years most helpful student scholarship to Millie. The reasons why i choose millie is because she is

Here, I want to recommand ** to be **(学科)representative very much. He/she is very suit for this work, because his/her study is very good. he/she got a 90 scores in one test. Besides, he/she is friendly to students. usually, we he find some

To whom it may concern, I'd like to nominate Rose to be the Today Youth Price owner for this year. She's a great student at school who study hard. In addition, she also a kind person as well. She always help the other classmates when they need help

Dear Propriter: This is Lihua.It's my honour to send this letter to you.I am very interesting in your English drama club when I saw your picture poster.And I would like to jion the

假设你是李越,你的加拿大笔友Steve来信说,他和他的一些同学正在学中文,请你 (ECCED)新华字典 Xinhua Dictionary (XD)英汉/英汉词典新华词典收词(字))18,000(英语

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