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Culture difference between China and English nation shows in festival aspect.In addition to China with common festival(such as New Year's Day) in nation in English,the both parties have the special festival in oneself, there is the Spring Festival

中文 中国人与外国人的区别中国人与外国人的区别: 1、中国人关心别人在干什么,却往往不知道自己在干什么,外国人不管周围 的在干什么,却知道自己在干什么; 2、中国人的喜事是领导表扬当官晋升,外国的喜事是出名发财; 3、中国人

求英语作文!请你介绍一下中国人的生活习惯.不少于75字.China is a country with a very long history. I am an Chinese people.Let me tell you something about our lifestyle.Chinese always get up early.And brakfast is simple(简单的).Then they do

According to different cultural and environmental basements, Chinese and American developed their unique breakfast custom. Chinese, regarding Tao philosophy as important and employing Chinese Medicine in their daily life, usually consider

Lifestyle is "socialized" of an important content, determines the nature of individual socialization, level and direction. Lifestyle is a historical category, with the development of society changes. Different social, different historical periods and

fancy an exciting, challenging, salaried year abroad? want to experience the culture and customs of china first-hand?teaching english in china (teic) is an international work-travel programme with a difference. no extra training is required, all we ask

My Living Habit Everyone has their own habit. I have some living habits. I will take off my shoes and put on the slippers when I arrive home. And I get used to drink some soup before having dinner. What's more, I have to keep my room light on until I

呐,写好了~看看偶的功力有没有退步^ The Customs in English-speaking Countries English-speaking countries have quite different culture from our own.And so do their

Dear XXX, I know it will be hard for you to get used to the life in china because of the cultural barriers, well, you have to. it is the choice you have made, isn't it. and you should always bear in mind that i am the person you could turn to if you get yourself

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