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你好!高中英语的短文改错题,一共就10个错,如果你改了12个答案,按照教育部考试中心的要求,有三种情形: 1. 只能算前10个答案,也就是说,第11、12个答案改对了,也不能计分,只能计8分. 2. 如果12个答案中,刚好前10个对,第11、12没有答对,也得10分. 3. 如果第11、12中有一个对,你可以得9分.希望能帮到你!祝你学习进步!

I have never been late【加上for】 school,but yesterday I came very close. My alarm clock didn't go off,and 【on--by】 the time I woke up,my father had 【去掉not】 gone into

1、but-and 2、are-were 3、thousands-thousand 4、that去掉 5、large-largest 6、stop-stopped 7、stone后加s 8、formed前加be 9、√ 10、south前加to

改错并解析原因.1Those (who) want to go hiking must tell our monitor after breakfast.此句中want to go hiking 为主语从句,关系代词应为Who2The building has (been)rebuilt

I was only about six that(when) he held his hand out to me.I took it in me(去掉) and “But Grandpa,what(why) do you have more lines on that one?”“Because there are

on the morning in the morningarrive-arrivedtriing-triedthough删掉that -which or-andwere-wasIt-it'stasted -tastegreat前加a

1 grade-grades

1.去掉in 2.his-her 3.asking-asked 4.like to go 5.ride-rode 6.happy-happily 7.grandpa's 8.saw me

改错题常见错误:一、冠词1、当adj + n.时,前加a/an2、名词只存在一种变形3、a与an的替换二、名词1、不可数名词:如imformation,knowledge,furniture,advice等见“s”要去掉2、注意名词所有格三、代词1、his与her的替换2、you与I的替换3

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